Choice Ireland comment on anti-abortion billboards

Commenting on anti-abortion billboards which have appeared around Dublin recently, Choice Ireland spokesperson Stephanie Lord said:

"Choice Ireland have received a number of angry and offended emails about these billboards, which proclaim that abortion tears a woman's life apart. Some of the emails are from women who have had abortions themselves and who object to the message the billboards convey. These billboards do not speak for them.

"The evidence consistently shows that the majority of women who have abortions believe they made the right decision in their individual circumstances. According to the recent Crisis Pregnancy Agency report, Irish Contraception and Crisis Pregnancy Survey, 87% of women with crisis pregnancies who opted for abortion retrospectively assessed this as the 'right outcome'. The billboards are simply an attempt by anti-abortion groups to impose their own view about that decision.

"If their concern for women was genuine they would not spend the large costs of these billboards on trying to make women feel bad about the choices they have made." ENDS