Choice Ireland continue to highlight plight of Irish Women travelling to the UK to access abortion services

Statistics released today by the UK Department of Health reveal that 4,422 women giving Irish addresses accessed abortion services in the UK in 2009. This figure which represents at least 12 Irish women a day does not include Irish women who give false UK addresses in order to protect anonymity or those who travel further afield to access abortion services.

Commenting Spokeswoman Sinead Ahern said “Although this represents a drop in the number of women travelling to the UK to access abortion services, the reality is over a quarter of a century after the 8th amendment the issue of abortion has not gone away. Continuing she ads “the current ban on abortion simply places additional burdens on women already in crisis. It is time to face up to the reality of the situation and to fulfil our duty of care to Irish women”
Commenting further spokeswoman Stephanie Lord said “the current situation allows women who can afford to travel to access abortion services. The most vulnerable women, young women, migrant women and those who simply cannot raise the money for the procedure and travel in time, are left behind”