Choice Ireland renews calls for abortion legislation

 Choice Ireland's thoughts are with the family and friends of Savita Halappanavar. Today we offer our sincere condolences to her family and friends at this difficult time.

Commenting, spokesperson Stephanie Lord said “Today, some twenty years after the X case we find ourselves asking the same question again - if a woman is pregnant, her life in jeopardy, can she even establish whether or not she has a right to a termination here in Ireland? There is still a disturbing lack of clarity around this issue, decades after the tragic events surrounding the X case in 1992."

Further commenting, spokesperson Sinead Ahern said “It is quite startling that some 20 years after the Supreme Court called for legislation in the X judgment, a seventh successive government continues to abdicate its responsibility to address the subject. This is not an issue about TDs' views on abortion, it is simply an issue of giving effect to existing constitutional rights and respecting the result of two referenda in which the Irish people rejected rolling back on the X case. It is time for the government to act.”