Choice Ireland support Dublin March for Choice

Choice Ireland have today offered their support for the March for Choice which is due to take place in Dublin’s city center at 2pm on Saturday, September 29th.

Commenting, Sinead Ahern said “Choice Ireland will take part in the March for Choice on Saturday in support of all Irish people who believe that women should have access to the full range of reproductive health services, including abortion here in Ireland. We hope that the march will serve as a reminder to the thousands of Irish women who travel every day, to London, Liverpool and beyond that they are not alone and that we believe that no more women should have to make lonely clandestine journeys to overseas clinics”.

Further commenting, Spokesperson Stephanie Lord said: “Successive governments have ignored the issue of abortion for too long and attempted to brush abortion under the carpet. We hope that this March can be a celebration of reproductive heath and rights and a celebration of the voices that support women’s rights."