Choice Ireland welcomes ECHR abortion ruling

Choice Ireland has today welcomed the decision by the European Court of Human Rights to declare Ireland in violation of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Court unanimously held that the lack of any legislative or regulatory scheme in Ireland by which a woman could establish whether she is entitled to a lifesaving abortion violates Ireland’s obligation to ensure respect for her private life.

Spokesperson Sinéad Ahern said, “This decision vindicates the positions of Choice Ireland and others who have repeatedly stated that Irish abortion laws are unclear and may result in women being denied abortions they need to save their lives. It is effectively an instruction to the Irish government that it must legislate for the X case. We welcome this confirmation.

“It is disappointing that no violation was found in respect of two of the applicants. However, the court’s judgment is critical of the Irish regime in many respects and clearly demonstrates that Irish law is out of step with much of the rest of Europe. We welcome the dissenting opinions in favour of the two other women, as well as the absence of any dissenting opinion against the successful applicant.

“Choice Ireland congratulations these three brave women for taking their challenges and calls on the Irish government to immediately abide by its obligation to implement the decision by legislating for X. Any further delay will only result in yet more women having to take the state to court to vindicate their rights.” ENDS