Founding Documents

These are the founding documents of Choice Ireland. We are a dublin-based pro-choice group which has been active since January 2007. Contact us if you wish to go on our mailing list or become involved.
Guiding Principles:

  • We are a feminist organization
  • We see reproductive freedom as a critical element of women’s liberation
  • We recognise that reproductive freedom is multi-faceted and we seek to ensure a woman’s freedom to pursue all reproductive choices
  • We will promote education to empower women to take charge of their fertility
  • The right to bodily integrity
  • No affiliation to parties seeking political power
  • Resistance to hard-line anti-choice fanatics
  • Solidarity with like-minded pro-choice groups and feminist organisations
  • International Solidarity

What Do We Want?
Free Access to Accurate Information on All Crisis Pregnancy Options
Legislation Regulating Information Provided by Crisis-Pregnancy Centres
Immediate Legislation for the X and C Cases
Proper Sex-Education
Free Access to Multiple Forms of Contraception Including the Morning-After Pill
Free and Legal Abortion on Demand
High-Quality Post-Abortion Care
End to Stigma Surrounding Abortion
Practical Support for Women Seeking Abortion
End to Stigma Surrounding Sexual Health and Contraceptive Needs
Increased Support for Single and Low-Income Parents
Increased Protection for Working Mothers
Free Access to Quality Childcare
End to Stigma Surrounding Single Parenthood
Choice in the Method of Childbirth
Creation of More Feminist Health Centres